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Socialist Party of America Membership 1903-1932


Official membership series of the Socialist Party of America, 1903-1932

This document, published for internal use of the party's National Executive Committee, details the official series of average monthly paid memberships for the Socialist Party of America. Covered are the years 1903 (the first year for which centralized dues records were maintained) through the first 10 months of 1932 (the peak of interest in the Norman Thomas Presidential election campaign of that year).
Among the figures here are the hidden numbers after 1921, when party officials loudly trumpeted much higher numbers while publishing no official record. This document reveals that the SPA hit its nadir in 1927, with an average paid membership of just 7,425 per month.

A copy of this document resides in the Socialist Party of the United States of America Records at the Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, box 10, folder 6.

First published by 1000 Flowers Publishing, Corvallis, OR, for distribution via in July 2011. No copyright claimed, file left to the public domain by its creator, Tim Davenport ( user "Carrite").

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